Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2016

Weihnachten und sexueller Missbrauch

Weihnachten steht vor der Tür. Und für einige von uns ist das eine krasse Herausforderung, weil es jedes Jahr die Einrnerungen an den sexuellen Missbrauch antriggert. 2/3 aller sexuellen Missbräuche passieren in der Familie. Weihnachten sieht man sich also wieder... hier ein wundervoller Text einer Überlebenden aus London.

Sie schreibt: "...  It is scary for me to say these things out loud, to openly admit that I’m struggling with Christmas. It somehow carries all the fear and all the stigma, and all the sense of ‘not belonging into this world’ that I have ever felt. But hey, we gotta start somewhere and if I learned one thing this year, it is that speaking is the start of change.
Luckily the range of things we can openly talk about – and the general ability and acceptedness of sharing our struggles and feelings – seems to have expanded quite a lot in recent years. Thanks to a lot of campaigning the stigma around mental health is slowly decreasing, and we do talk more openly about issues like bereavement, illness, and even depression.
So, can it be my wish for Christmas this year, that we include childhood sexual abuse into the things that are commonly accepted as human experience and that can be openly talked about? Can we all be aware that there are a lot of survivors out there (= in your friends group, family, team,… ) who might be struggling and in need of support?
It doesn’t take much. It is the little things – awareness, listening, understanding, a hug, a text, the occasional “how are you doing”, the same stuff that helps everyone though a rough time – that can make a world of a difference."

Hier gehts zum ganzen Text und dem Blog Proud to speak out!!!!:

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