Shamanic Shaking

Shamanic Shaking


Shaking your body as your inner goddess wants you to move. Diving into our triggerworld, holding our inner child, while reconnecting our roots about the vagusnervsystem. Shaking is an inner healing, awakening process. It´s to feel your own protector, your instinct-redflag-moving-system, like we know it from animals – they shake to restress the bodysystem. Deal consciously with your inner body talk: feel anger, feel disgust, pain and sadness and shake it until you're through. The shamanic way includes the roots of our ancestors, the roots of the North European Culture to find a stable footing whenever any trigger comes your way. Its about practicing. 


I am Nina Lara Schmitz, shaman and integrative trauma therapist, HP Psych and constellator.

And I’m holding the room and bringing you through with a shamanic journey you could follow. 


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